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Ncode is dedicated to the sole purpose of helping our clients meet and exceed their business goals through the use of IT technologies.

About Us +

Ncode Consultant is a full service digital agency that provides strategies, creativity, and technology to companies, helping companies to create engaging experience that build brands and grow businesses. We have amassed years of experience since 1994 doing what we do best in - partnering with our clients to create unique online solutions that not only help to simplify and integrate business processes, but also helping clients to build up a more impressive portfolio to increase customer base, delivering substantive results.

People +

At Ncode Consultant, our people are experts in technical direction and development, creative direction and design, project management, and marketing and communication planning. Each one of these areas brings fresh perspectives and prompts new thinking in regards to our clients' business challenges.

Approach +

As the Online Strategist for our customers – MNCs, SMEs, and Government sectors, we listen to their business needs, comprehend what is required, then assist them to envisage their requirements. Subsequently, appropriate E-Business, E-Branding and E-Solutions strategies will be conceived, recommended and finally executed to realize the online business objectives of the clients. For each strategy, when others ponder on “HOW”, Ncode focuses on “WHY” and “WHAT”. Eventually, it’s “why and what we do for them” that differentiates us from the pack and this is also how we add value to our customers. Armed with the above niche expertise, we will continue to evolve, experiment, and formulate better strategies, specially tailored made for our clients.

Strategy 2.0

Ncode Consultant Strategy 2.0



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