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NCODE Consultant was founded in 1994, and incorporated in 1999. We are an established Software Consultancy in Singapore specializing in web applications and mobile applications development. As an IT Consultancy company in Singapore, we offer end-to-end solutions for the entire web applications and mobile applications development life cycle. For the budget conscious, our IT Consultants also help you with government grants that can help to subsidize your costs. 

Over the years, NCODE Consultant has had the privilege to serve a wide variety of customers from different industries, from government ministries and bodies, to small medium enterprises (SME) and and multi-national corporations (MNC). With NCODE Consultant as your IT Consultant, you can be assured that you will be in good hands, and can have a peace of mind.

Passion Led Us Here



After over 25 years of experience in customized Web and Mobile applications development in Singapore, NCODE Consultant has built up a strong reputation based on the core principles of:

(1) Disciplined project management and timely deliveries

(2) Innovative and practical designs 

(3) High quality and cost effective solutions.

NCODE Consultant continuously strives for excellence to improve all aspects of our business, services and operations and we look forward to an opportunity to serve you.



International Offices in Malaysia and India


We are a group of experienced IT Consultants in Singapore. Our IT Consultant Team is a closely knit one that has been working together for a long time. In general, the experience of our team ranges from 7 - 25 years in the industry, with the Core IT Consultant Team consisting of individuals that have between 15 - 25 years of experience.

We have thus built up a reputation of being a familiar and trusted IT Consultant in Singapore that can deliver the results you need. 

IT Consultant Singapore


Lead IT Consultant and Director

Sitoh is a veteran with more than 30 years in the software development business. After returning from the United States as the key software developer and lead product architect for a number of state-of-the-art 3D visualization products, he founded NCODE Consultant – helped established firms to spin off into the Internet space. He has acquired vast experience in the formulation and execution of IT strategy, after witnessing first-hand how technology and businesses have co-evolved over the last three decades.

Sitoh has helped more than 100 organizations to discover and exploit opportunities to improve their performance, exposing himself to a wide spectrum of business domains and technologies. His research areas include business models, IT ecosystem and entrepreneurial processes in Australia and China companies.

Sitoh obtained his PhD in NUS (Singapore), MBA (University of Houston), MSc in Industry Engineering (University of Houston) and BSc (Highest Honors) in Computer Science (University of Oklahoma). He is TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) Certified; and holds two US patents for seismic tracking algorithms.

IT Consultant Singapore


Lead System Engineer, IT Consultant Singapore

David has more than 16 years in IT infrastructure and IT operations management.  He provides the leadership for NCODE Consultant and our customers in provisioning of IT infrastructure, capacity management, cost-control activities, performance and security management and availability management for all IT infrastructure and assets.

Currently his team designs and manages IT infrastructure for more than 50 applications operating under a variety of design patterns, covering from government and private data centers, on-premises, hybrid to AWS and Azure clouds. David gained his business knowledge from managing large scale digital engagements for more than 20 commercial clients under different industries; and his management competency from the establishment and operation of our Malaysia office.

David obtained his Bachelor Degree in Computing, specialized in Distributed Computer Systems from Monash University, Australia. He is CCNA certified and trained in business process engineering.

IT Consultant Singapore


Lead Application Architect, IT Consultant Singapore

Thazin has more than 16 years in using Microsoft technology to architect, design and implement web applications. She has significant experience in application, database, integration and enterprise architecture. She has led several software teams comprising developers from Singapore, Malaysia and India offices to deliver more than 25 large scale software applications for the public and commercial sectors since she joined NCODE Consultant in 2007.

Currently Thazin is guiding our technology direction – bringing our team to leverage cloud technology focusing on Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD), domain-oriented design, microservices architecture, containers and serverless computing. 

Thazin holds a Master of Technology in Software Engineering from NUS (Singapore), and a Bachelor Degree (Honors) in Computer Technology from UCSY (Myanmar).



Manager, Consultant (Corporate Sector)

Ian brings with him 11 years of experience in the IT industry, focusing on entrepreneurship and sales. He also specialises in government grant consulting for technology projects, and is a certified SCRUM Master. 

Ian manages NCODE's customer relationships and accounts for the corporate sector, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience for SME Digital Transformation.

Ian also oversees NCODE's sales and marketing strategy, constantly evolving to serve upcoming markets with new technology and solutions, as well as maintaining its current customer base of government and corporate clients.

Ian holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management, and graduated with a Degree in Distinction majoring in Entrepreneurship from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT).



The Project Management and IT Consultant Team plays a key role in understanding our customers' needs, managing the customers' expectations, and innovating for our customers. We then work with the Developer Team to ensure that projects are delivered successfully.


The Development Team supports the Project Management and IT Consultant team to deliver IT implementations of the higheest quality.


The Marketing Dept focuses on business development and customer relationship management for both the Government and the SME sectors, to extend the reach of our IT Consultant services.


Besides our Main Office in Singapore, NCODE Consultant also has Overseas Offices in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and Pondicherry, India. These Offices support NCODE Consultant in its IT Consultant business development overseas, as well as technical development resources when required for Web Applications Development and Mobile Applications Development.

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NCODE Consultant has established a reliable track record in delivering Web Applications Development and Mobile Applications Development IT Consultancy and Projects for Government and Government-linked bodies.

NCODE Consultant was awarded the bulk tender IDA (T) – 1432G by GOVTECH for the Provision of IT Application Development and Maintenance Services for Government Ministries and Departments, Statutory Boards, Organs of State in 2016. Today, we continue to serve esteemed Government Clients within and outside of this bulk tender.

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SMEs are the backbone of the economy. As an IT Consultant, NCODE Consultant supports SMEs in the digital transformation of their entire value chain, development of core technological capabilities, helping SMEs with innovation and productivity initiatives. Whether it is automation, process re-design, product development, or branding and digital marketing, NCODE Consultant provides end-to-end project consultancy from the idea conceptualization stage, to implementation and delivery.

For cost-conscious SMEs, NCODE Consultant also provides grant preparation and application services for SMEs to apply for Government Grants that can subsidize up to 90% of IT Project costs.


This is a space for you to get to know more about us at NCODE Consultant, and how we function as an IT Consultant in Singapore. We will share with you about what we do and how we work. Hopefully, it can help you to become more comfortable with us in your consideration in choosing a suitable IT Consultant.

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