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This is a space for us to share with you any hiring opportunities that we have.

We regret to inform that at this point of time, we do not have enough quota to hire more foreign workers. Job openings are only available to locals only. Thank you.


Spearhead the company to engage customers with quality.

IT Consultants are the backbone of the company. Being in this industry requires talent and the ability to conduct consultative selling. As there is no fixed product to sell, consultants must have the capabilities to ask deep and probing questions in order to reveal the pain-points of the customer, and from there identify gaps and opportunities where technology can help.

Largely a people person who can engage in conversations with others comfortably, this position is open to all talents and for all types of working relationships, whether part-time, full-time, or other negotiable conditions.

Most importantly, Consultants must be able to work together with the solutions team to put forth compelling solution proposals to clients with the end goal of acquiring new customers, or new technology projects from existing clientele base.

This job is also suitable for you if you have always wanted to set up your own IT business. Options to join us as a partner are open, as we have the complete infrastructure to support your endeavours such as the solutions team, project managers, and the development team. You can therefore concentrate on what you love to do best - Consulting!

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Entry level, no experience required, no age limit.

As an IT company, we have a wide array of tasks to deliver from pre-sales proposals, to project management and post-sales support. Our consultants, solutionists and developers, therefore require help and assistance with these peripheral tasks, so that they can focus more on what they do best.

This job is mostly non-customer facing, such as the preparation of documentation, performing of system tests, or assisting with the conduct of system training. You will be the pillar of support for the consultants, solutionists and project managers.

It is an entry level admin support role where vast amounts of experience can be learnt from senior staff over a short period of time. For entry level applicants, this can be a platform for you to pick up knowledge and skills of an IT environment at a fast pace. But there is no age limit for this role, as long as you have an open mind and are willing to learn more about technology.

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