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Digital Government API Consultant: Projects

The Singapore Government has embarked on its journey to integrate all the data and services from its 80+ government agencies. This has lead to the creation of a government wide platform containing all of the government's APIs in one place. If you are developing any form of technology and you need help with expertise to integrate with any of the government's APIs, you have come to the right place. This is a section for you to find out more about our Singapore Digital Government API Consulting services.

This initiative is in line with the government’s push for Singapore to become a Smart Nation, in which technology is harnessed to open up new possibilities to enhance the way we live, work, play and interact. One of the key enablers in the Smart Nation drive would be for the government to release more data so that the public and third party developers can glean useful insights, put data to good use and co-create solutions that benefit everyone.


APEX is a self-service API platform that acts as a centralised and secured API gateway for the Government. On APEX, the government can easily publish, secure, monitor, and discover APIs. Businesses can also leverage on these government APIs to integrate to their own systems.

On APEX, businesses can make use of these available government APIs to improve and streamline their own processes. For example, MyInfo leverages the capabilities of APEX to enable citizens and residents to manage the use of their personal data for a myriad of online transactions, including applying for a Housing Development Board flat and opening a bank account. The MyInfo API for developers makes it possible for more applications to be integrated with MyInfo without the significant hassle or overhead costs.

APEX contains an API catalogue which provides a searchable library of APIs published by government agencies. If you wish to integrate your system to any government API today, contact us to see how we can help!

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Wish to integrate government static data sets to your project? These static data sets provide you with tabulated data and not real-time data. These data stretch across all of Singapore's industries, from the economy and education, to health and transport. Below are some examples in a non-exhaustive list. As the Government API are always evolving, contact us today to find out the details.

Economic data can range from data about the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and retail prices of consumer items, to employment change by industry. There are over 300 economic data sets.

Education data stretches across the whole Singapore education landscape, from Polytechnic course data and Nett Enrolment for primary and secondary schools, to education financial assistance schemes. There are over 100 education data sets.

Environment data sets range from hawker centres and Aedes mosquito population, to rainfall, humidity and household electical consumption. There are over 100 environment data sets.

Finance data sets vary from government budget and baby bonuses, to tax rates, individual income and even stamp duties. There are over 30 finance data sets.

Health data sets cover areas from Dengue clusters and common health problems of students, to infectious diseases and life expectancy. There are over 100 health data sets.

Infrastructure data sets concern resale flat prices amd uncompleted private residential units sold, to rentals and government master plans. There are over 400 infrastructure data sets.

Society data sets range from Crime Cases rates and enforcement statistics, to resident population by age and judicial executions. There are over 600 society data sets.

Technology data sets showcase areas from infocomm rankings and employed ICT manpower, to research and development expenditure and patents awarded. There are over 50 technology data sets.

Transport data sets provide information about HDB carpark information to LTA gantries, and road traffic conditions to monthly deregistered vehicles. There are over 100 transport data sets.

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These real-time APIs provide you with real-time insights into areas like weather and traffic conditions. As the Government API are always evolving, contact us today to find out the details.

Real-time APIs are a game changer and we see huge amounts of attention here from entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs looking to innovate products using this data. There are only a few real-time data sets now, but each of these APIs have the potential to propel so many ideas to life. From Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) to Carpark Availability, and Real-time weather readings to taxi availability. 

There will be so many reasons why you would want to integrate such real-time government APIs to your systems, and if you need our expertise in any way, contact us today. 

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One-Click Registration allows businesses to obtain information from individuals and corporates, upon their consent, and perform eKnow-Your-Customers using data from government sources.

B2C Businesses

This MyInfo API integration enables your customers to manage the use of their personal data for simpler online transactions. Customers can share their data by providing consent via Singpass and you will no longer have to deal with manual data management. Customers will have lesser form filling processes. Furthermore, with the customer data coming from government sources instantly, your business will also have higher data quality. 

B2B Businesses

Myinfo business enables your businesses to manage the use of its corporate data and personal data for simpler online transactions. Your Corppass users can control and consent to share their data securely with other businesses for more seamless digital transactions. Your business can control and consent to the sharing of both your corporate and relevant personal data at the same time and reduce manual data management. With data from government sources instantly, this allows the faster provisioning of B2B products by reducing the time required for manual verification of supporting documents. There will be less form filling to get business done because your corporate and personal data can be used simultaneously.

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Helps businesses verify the identity of individuals and obtain their information, in a physical setting.

This Singpass API integration enables you to secure in-person identity verification on the spot. It allows your visitors to perform secured in-person identity verification through scanning QR codes. This provides your business with a digital alternative for visitor registration and access, customer acquisition at roadshows, or other use cases that require user identification on the spot.

You will be able to aligh your business with PDPC's NRIC Advisory Guidelines by verifying your users digitally without collecting or retaining physical NRICs, FIN cards and NRIC/FIN numbers. This is a recommended alternative solution to conduct identity verification

Your business and customers will also have less form filling because visitors can simply Scan and Go quickly by scanning a QR code and providing consent via SingPass Mobile.

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Allows businesses to authenticate the users of their online services with higher assurance, without the need to implement and operate their own infrastructure and systems.

This Singpass integration allows your customers to have easy access to your digital services. Using the Singpass app, your customers can securely log in to digital services without passwords. This service provides your business with an accessible and established authentication gateway for all your digital services.

You will be able to tap on an established and secured authentication gateway for all your digital services. Over 4 million Singpass users in Singapore will be able to enjoy this service,  furthermore, many of them are already familiar with this login procedure.​

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Empower businesses and their customers to digitally sign agreements that is platform agnostic and digital signature is identifiable and uniquely linked to the signer.

This Singpass integration empowers businesses and their customers when digitally signing agreements. Sign with Singpass uses signing certificates issued by the National Certification Authority. Upon the National Certification Authority's accreditation, signatures made using the Sign with Singpass will be regarded as secure electronic signatures under Singapore's Electronic Transactions Act.

You can choose to integrate this feature with your own internal systems such as document management systems. Conveniently sign documents remotely. Users can easily sign documents without face to face meetings. The digital signature is cryptographically linked to the signer, providing businesses higher assurance of the authenticity and the integrity of the signed documents.

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Allows businesses an additional or alternative way of verifying a person’s identity with consent.

This Singpass integration is a secured authentication method by simply having your user scan their face. This service is ideal for use cases that require step-up authentication or to ascertain the user's presence.

There are two face verification methods offered by Identiface – Face Verify and Face Compare. Identiface supports three integration modes and each method caters to different needs.

Face Verify

You can customise the user interface of your application (e.g. you want to integrate with your own mobile or web application). You require Identiface’s presentation attack detection capabilities. Your use case is in an unsupervised environment. For example, you need face verification for login to a digital service or to provide a higher assurance level for sensitive transactions.

Face Compare

You are not able to customise the user interface of your application (e.g. you use a commercial-off-the-shelf product). You do not require Identiface’s presentation attack detection capabilities. Your use case is in a supervised environment. For example, when face verification is required when entering buildings / premises.

The benefits are tremendous. You will be able to tap on a secure biometric authentication platform. You do not have to build, secure and maintain a biometric database and biometric system implementation. Integration is achieved easily though bundled SDKs and APIs. Your user's captured facial image through identiface is encrypted and stored in Government servers. It is retained for 30 days and deleted thereafter. With a valid NRIC/FIN number and upon obtaining consent, users can simply scan their face to be authenticated. Identiface incorporates Presentation Attack Detection technology into the authentication process as a means of prevention against impersonation attempts.

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Enables business registration system to perform automated check-in or check-out.

SafeEntry is a national digital check-in system that logs the NRIC/FINs and mobile numbers of individuals visiting hotspots, workplaces of essential services, as well as selected public venues to prevent and control the transmission of COVID-19 through contact tracing and identification of COVID-19 clusters.

You can now integrate your registration systems with SafeEntry APIs to perform automated check-in or check-out, in addition to the default mode where individuals scan a location’s SafeEntry QR code.

This ensures a fuss-free and seamless experience for individuals as well as your business. 

Business can retain their registration workflow and access control systems, while performing SafeEntry check-in (or check-out) of individuals as part of the registration process. Businesses will not need to perform additional checks on top of the SafeEntry check-in or out.

Individuals only need to register once for both location access control and SafeEntry check-in (or check-out), making the entry and exit processes more seamless and convenient.​

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Integrate your systems to IRAS APIs to optimise your tax-related services.

While IRAS continues to create more APIs, here is a non-exhaustive list of IRAS APIs that may be beneficial to your business.​

Submission of Commission Records

This government API is useful if your business needs to pay commissions. You can incorporate this API within your system so that your users can validate and submit their commission information to IRAS directly. The submitted information will be pre-filled into the individual commission earners’ tax returns.

Organisation Search

This government API allows you to check if an organisation is participating in the Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) for Employment Income and the e-Submission of Commissions.

Submission of GST Returns 

This government APIs allow accounting software developers to incorporate within their accounting software the feature for authorised taxpayers to validate and submit GST information (GST Returns, Transaction Listings) to IRAS directly.

Submission of Employment Income Records

This government API allows payroll software developers to incorporate within their payroll software the feature for employers to validate and submit employment income information (IR8A, IR8S, Appendix 8A and Appendix 8B) to IRAS directly.


The e-Stamping government API allows businesses to send their contract or instrument details to IRAS for e-Stamping purposes. The e-Stamping API covers common documents such as Sale & Purchase, Lease, Share Transfer and Mortgage related documents.

Check GST Register

The Check GST Register government API enables you to check whether businesses are GST-registered based on their GST registration number, UEN or NRIC.

Rental Submission

The rental submission API enables property owners to submit rental information (e.g. net rent, service charge and advertising and promotion fee, gross turnover rent, etc.) for property tax assessments.

Stamp Duty Outstanding Amount Check

This government API allows you to incorporate within your IT system the feature of retrieving the latest outstanding stamp duty amount payable from IRAS.

Property Tax Calculator

This government API calculator will help to determine the Property Tax payable, based on the Annual Value, Property type & Occupancy status of the property.

Property Consolidated Statement

This service allows users to retrieve a consolidated statement on various property tax information of their properties (such as the Annual Value (AV), AV effective date, date of notice, notice DIN, etc.).

Stamp Certificate Authenticity Check

This API allows you to incorporate within your software the feature of checking the authenticity of the stamp certificate as well as retrieving the stamp certificate information from IRAS.

PT Account Balance Enquiry

This government API service enables a taxpayer to retrieve the property tax payable on his property by simply entering the property address and his or her co-owner’s identification number.

IIT Income and Expense Listing

This service allows users to retrieve the list of allowable and disallowable business expenses categorised by the profile of the taxpayers for calculating the adjusted profit/loss.

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LTA publishes a wide variety of land transport-related datasets (static and dynamic / real-time) on LTA API DataMall for enterprises, third-party developers, researchers and other members of the public to promote collaboration and co-creation of innovative and inclusive transport solutions.

The LTA API Datamall contains over 100 static datasets covering a wide range of topics, from the annual age distribution of buses and cars, to carpark rates and COE bidding results.

The Datamall also contains dynamic data sets that can give you information in real-time, such as bus routes and arrivals, or taxi availability and traffic incidents.

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The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) provides APIs for developers to access relevant data from MAS. For instance, companies can make use of MAS’ exchange rate APIs to automate the extraction of exchange rates for tax filing with IRAS; software developers could use MAS’ interest rates data to illustrate interest rates trends.

There are almost 100 MAS APIs to provide you detailed information on topics such as Official Foreign Reserves and General insurance, to bank health and interest rates.

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OneMap is the authoritative national map of Singapore with the most detailed and updated information developed by the Singapore Land Authority. There are also many useful day-to-day information and services contributed by government agencies. OneMap provides APIs for developers to build on top of its services such as location search, planning area data and routing.

There are hundreds of APIS for you to explore integrating to your systems. If you need consultancy in this area, speak to any of our friendly consultants today.

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SingStat Table Builder contains frequently requested statistics from various subjects, such as national accounts, prices, services, manufacturing, international accounts, population and population structure, and households and housing. Monthly, quarterly and annual data series are available for users to create customised data tables and plot charts.

The SingStat Table Builder facilitates access to 2,000 data tables from 70 public sector agencies providing a comprehensive statistical view of Singapore's economic and socio-demographic characteristics. Users may customise data tables and download in different file formats. Multi-Table Downloads and APIs are also available for ease of data retrieval.

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The Tourism Information & Services Hub (TIH) is a digital resource platform for businesses to access relevant information on Singapore's tourism offerings and travel software services.

Users can gain access to a library of content containing over hundreds of listings across multiple categories including but not limited to attractions, bars & clubs, food & beverages and malls & shops as well as plug-and-play services like enhanced navigation and an itinerary planner.

The APIs allow you to access information and media of local tourism offerings, in addition to travel software services, as well as real-time updates of content.

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URA's online maps service, URA SPACE offers government API for developers to leverage on the same data that powers its map portal.

A wide variety of API are available, such as:

  • Car park information such as availability, lists and rates

  • Private property information such as transactions

  • Planning decision information

  • Checking if address is approved for residential use

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Access to a Wealth of Business Information

As the national corporate registry, ACRA collects vast amounts of business data from close to half a million corporate entities that are registered with ACRA and file key corporate information with ACRA as required by law.

These government API services are part of ACRA’s on-going efforts to better meet the needs of the business community.

Possible business applications include populating information on business entities for online application forms; or integrating business information to their systems to enable a seamless process flow.

There are over 30 ACRA APIs available via the ACRA API Mall, these include:

  • Entity Information Query provides information of business entities registered with ACRA, including registered business names, registered address, registration or incorporation details, primary and secondary SSIC details.

  • Financial Information Query provides basic financial information of companies that file financial statements in XBRL, including financial period, and selected key balance sheet information.

  • Validate and Upload XBRL FS enables companies to validate and upload XBRL financial statements to the BizFinx server (where successfully uploaded XBRL FS will be available for filling as part of Annual Return). 

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Access Council for Estate Agencies’ (CEA) Public Register APIs to verify that the property agents they are looking to engage are registered with the Council.

These static APIs data are updated thrice daily, featuring the same information on the Public Register, including:

  • Agent’s name

  • Registration number

  • Registration start and end date

  • Agent’s property agency

  • Property agency's licence number

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