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Hardware & Equipment: Projects

This is a space for us to share with you more about our offerings for equipment and hardware related solutions.

Hardware and software come hand in hand in order to deliver complete solutions. For example, handheld RFID scanners help with inventory management system, and self-help ordering kiosks help with order management systems. Therefore, getting  the best quality hardware is critical for reliability and durability to ensure that your services are always available and functioning when required.


These often include scanners that are required to retrieve data. For example, temperature scanners, facial recognition, barcode, RFID, QR Code scanners and more. Below are some examples of useful hardware that your business should consider.

Man Scanning a Product
Electrical engineer working on circuit b
Paying with a Credit Card


These could be RFID, barcode and QR code scanners They can be wireless and portable so that you can bring it with you around your warehouse. They can also be commercial or industrial grade scanners that can withstand harsh operating environments such as water, dust and dirt.

Scanners can also be wired and fixed mounted if you don't need them to be portable. Depending on your needs, you could also have a cord for power and connection, or be cordless. 

Scan Engines

Scan engines are a factor that businesses often overlook. For example, when scanning a QR code with your default phone camera, you may find the detection of the QR code slow and inaccurate. Scan engines can ensure that scanning is swift and precise, enabling your staff to function at high efficiency.

Mobile Computing

Handheld devices can also go beyond scanners to include mobile computing devices. For example, if you are an F&B business owner, you may want to invest in a mobile computing device that your service staff can bring to the guests' tables for credit card payments to be made on the spot, instead of having the guests to make their way to the counter for payment, or making your servers walk back and forth to process payments and receipts.

Rolled Magazines

Fixed Tablets

Mobile computing devices such as tablets can also be fixed mounted on walls or tables for specific purposes. For example, if your office has a facilities booking system in place, you may consider placing a mounted tablet outside each venue so that your staff can easily check, make and amend venue bookings around your premises.


With all the hardware mentioned above, printers usually come in to close the loop. You would need QR Code, Barcode labels or RFID sticker printers in order to print the relevant tags. Or, your mobile computing devices may need inbuilt printers to immediately dispense receipts on the spot.

POS Systems

A mainstay for all brick and mortar businesses, quality POS systems have the ability to be available 247, run continuously for years, and also still function at tip top speed without lag or shutdowns.

Hardware & Equipment: Services


These often refer to self-help kiosks that you can make use of to look for information, place orders, or even make payments. Self-help technology a widespread, from ordering kiosks at fast food restaurants, to information kiosks in shopping malls.

Hardware & Equipment: Services


With Self Help technology, your business will no longer be worried about whether you have enough staff capacity to tend to customers. This is because customers can now make use of self help machines on their own. This automation mitigates your business continuity risks such as staff absence. Your staff can also free up time to tend to higher value tasks for the business.


With technology, customers are becoming more accustomed to interacting with technology rather than each other. Some are just anti-social. By empowering Customers with the self help tools to achieve tasks on their own, customers will feel more in control.

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