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Systems Integration Consultant for IoT Projects

Smart Factories, Industry 4.0, Connected Products and more.

IoT Systems Integrator: Projects

This is a space for us to share with you more about how we function as an IoT Systems Integration Consultancy.


Almost 60% of companies choose to engage an IoT expert. Other companies may be large enough to maintain their own in-house IoT implementation team.

Most of the time, companies opt to engage IoT Consultants for their projects because they lack the in-house knowledge and manpower to execute IoT setups that are often complex. Typically, we see IoT projects the most in manufacturing industries, but IoT can actually be applied in almost any industry depending on the need. 

With COVID-19, companies around the world begin to see the dire need to undergo digital transformation company-wide. This could mean digitalising and integrating many aspects of the company's operations, which is the prime reason why SMEs hire IoT system integrators.

IoT Consultants come into play because each IoT project is often unique to the company and its industry. Different industries would have different needs, multiplying that with the various types of companies within an industry, resulting in almost unique setups for each company. A manufacturing company would deal with vastly different IoT projects compared to healthcare or agricultural companies. IoT Consultants therefore play a key role in identifying the IoT system integration requirements for SMEs who are looking to digitally transform.

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We typically see IoT projects trending towards these areas:

  1. Cloud Integration. With COVID-19 restrictions forcing people to work away from the office, traditional setups like intranets and maintaining physical servers, are becoming obsolete. Companies are migrating to the cloud so that the workforce can operation beyond boundaries, without having to be physically in the office.

  2. Connectivity. Companies require connectivity infrastructure to be set up, such as Wifi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Narrow Band connections and more.

  3. Scalability. While IoT projects often start small, they are never intended to be forever small. Scaling with the company will be a necessity as the company grows in size, and enlarges its operations in terms of locations and geography. IoT Consultants ensure that the technology will always keep up with the company.

  4. Data Analytics helps companies to draw insights from their data. There could be several kinds of data analytics. The most common would be the analysing of past data to see patterns. But this can also translate to Predictive Analysis where artificial intelligence or AI can use past data to predict future data. It could also be Prescriptive Analysis where machine learning can help to identify what needs to be done in order to achieve certain data results.

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We handhold you through your IoT journey, and educate you to become independent.

Our IoT consultants will first sit down with you to understand your business strategy and where it intends to be in the future. This is to strategise the IoT implementation required and the approach.

After which, we go into designing the IoT solution that you need. It will be customized to your business alone.

When the plan is complete, we will proceed to implement the IoT solution for your company. 

Finally, we will train and educate your staff on how to operate and manage the IoT system independently. We will also provide maintenance and support whenever you need us.

IoT Systems Integrator: About
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