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Up to 70% Enterprise Development Grant Subsidy to Transform Your Business Strategy Development, Human Capital Development & Service Excellence through Management Consultancy

Management Consultancy: Projects

A Registered Management Consultant (RMC), with at least 10 years of Management Consultancy experience and an Excellent Track Record of helping Clients in achieving their Business Growths, will guide your Company’s Business Growth through the Four Essential Approaches of Business Strategy Development, the 3-Step Scope of the Work of the Human Capital Development and the 4-Step Service Excellence Model. Most importantly, the RMC will assist your Company to claim up to 70% of Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) from Enterprise Singapore for the Management Consultancy services provided for the Business Strategy Development, Human Capital Development and Service Excellence by the RMC as all these Capabilities are part of the Core Capabilities of the EDG.


RMC (Registered Management Consultant) is an Enterprise Singapore-recognised certification programme for management consultants aligned to TR 43:2015 Management Consultants Standard. It has been put together by Certified Managements Consultants of the Institute of Management Consultants (Singapore), with the objective to recognise skills, knowledge and competency in the field of management consultancy, and promote high standards of professional and ethical conduct by Registered Management Consultants of the management consulting profession. The RMC is a mark of quality and professionalism developed by Certified Management Consultants for Management Consultants.


A Management Consultant is a person who provides expert and independent advice to companies in increasing their managerial effectiveness and efficiency.


Management Consultants work closely with companies to improve their business performance by solving issues, creating value and encouraging business growth. They use their expertise to provide objective advice and help a company to develop any essential skills required to be successful. In addition, they work with various departments, such as sales, marketing, human resource and business strategy, of the company to improve its practices and efficiency.

The tasks that the Management Consultants help the company include the following:

  • Identify and analyse the problem to be solved by the company

  • Recommend realistic and implementable solution for the company

  • Analyse data such as revenue information and expenditure report of the company

  • Propose new procedures and organizational changes for the company

  • Communicate well with all levels of company’s personnel for new changes


Companies hire Management Consultants include the following:

  • Solve a problem outside the competence of their staff

  • Assist in the planning and implementation of a major initiative

  • Develop independent expert solution on an issue

  • Provide information that their staff find difficult to acquire

  • Review the work done by their staff

Management Consultancy: Services


The 4 Essential Approaches of Business Strategy Development

Our friendly certified management consultants will handhold you through the assessment process in order to identify the gaps and opportunities in your business.


  • Understand the existing company’s framework in terms goals, objectives and strategies

  • Explore the future company’s framework in terms of goals, objectives and strategies

  • Identify the gap between existing and future company’s frameworks


  • Conduct the internal factors assessment on manpower, finance and existing technology

  • Execute the external factors assessment on the customers, competitors and economy

  • Brainstorm and analyse the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) of the company


  • Create a strategic roadmap to achieve the goals if required

  • Develop the business frameworks in terms of fulfilling the goals if required

  • Introduce new policies or processes to accomplish the goals if required


  • Provide key recommendations to the company

  • Develop implementation plans based on the requirements of the company

  • Monitor the implementation plans regularly with the company

Management Consultancy: Services

5 Benefits of Business Strategy Development

  1. Establish a Sense of Direction

  2. Make Wise Decisions

  3. Enhance Customer Satisfaction

  4. Improve Operational Efficiency

  5. Increase Market Share & Profitability

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5 Benefits of Human Capital Development

The term human capital refers to the economic value of an employee's experience and skills in a company. It is considered to be one of the most important elements of the company’s success.

Generally, the total human capital costs are almost 70 percent of the company’s operating expenses. As a result, having a human capital development in the company is essential for the success of the company.

Human capital development is also vital to the business growth and productivity of the company. As the employees are valuable assets of the company, the company should execute the human capital development for its employees. If they are more productive on an individual level through development, the company will experience its productivity gains and business growth.

5 Key Benefits of Human Capital Development

  1. Establish an Improvement in Organizational Communication

  2. Increase Employee Satisfaction

  3. Enhance Customer Engagement

  4. Develop a Positive Work Environment

  5. Improve Employee Retention Rates

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Service excellence is the ability of a company to meet the expectations of its customers consistently and occasionally even exceed its customers’ expectations. The long-term success of a company can be determined by how well it serve its customers and striving for service excellence will lead to higher revenue and lower costs for the company.

Moreover, service excellence also generates the business growth for a company. Therefore, a company must always place its customers at the centre of everything it does and delivering its product and/or service beyond customers’ requirements. By doing that, the company will achieve the long-term customer relationships with its customers and gain an advantage over its competitors. Developing a culture of service excellence depends on the company’s team of passionate and committed employees to execute a positive service excellence from time after time. In fact, establishing this culture of service excellence in the company is a continuous process journey and not the final destination for the company. In order for the company to achieve its service excellence, it may want to consider our 4-Step Service Excellence Model.

5 Key Benefits of Service Excellence

  1. Generate Higher Revenue through Repeat Business

  2. Convert Customers into Loyal Advocates

  3. Increase Profits for the Company

  4. Gain an Advantage over Competitors

  5. Enhance Business Reputation of the Company

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