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Affordable Course Management Systems

One of our most recently completed projects is a Course Management System for a client in Singapore that conducts Cooking lessons. After understanding their needs in detail, we realised that their system could be developed using affordable CMS tools. While we cannot share the project details and costs here, we can share more about the tool that was used to develop the Course Management System.

The tool is basically an Online Scheduling System, and while it may sound simple, it has a lot more features that you would expect. A summary here will give you a good picture:

  • Let clients book slots for yoru courses and pay online

  • Host your courses online with Zoom to reach clients anywhere

  • Manage calendars, staff, attendance and clients

  • Offer services as a membership or package

  • Get analytics to track your business performance

  • Run your business from any device with a dedicated Owner mobile app.

If you took a look at the links above and liked what you see, feel free to contact us to get a dedicated quote for your needs.

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