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Can a biofuels company digitalise?

Recently our software consultants consulted a reputable biofuels company in Singapore. We will refer to this company as "BFC" for short. BFC is a company that collects biological wastes and converts the wastes into fuel. Such biological wastes can come from almost almost anywhere, especially F&B outlets that will have a lot of waste oil and other organic waste products. BFC thus has a team that goes around collecting these biological wastes on a regular basis. The wastes are brought back to BFC's industrial space, where it is processed into fuel.

The fuel that BFC produces can then be used to power generators as well as vehicles. BFC therefore earn's its revenue from selling their fuel. Their fuel can be sold in several ways. They can deliver the fuel to their customer's premises in huge barrels, or their customers can visit BFC's pump station to refuel.

With their above operations in mind, our consultants helped BFC to architecture a digital transformation plan to digitalise their end to end operations.

We first architected the development of a mobile app to facilitate BFC's delivery and collection fleet. This allowed BFC's delivery and collection operations to be better controlled and monitored. With automatic route planning, drivers' lives were also made safer and easier.

Secondly, we added CRM, Invoicing and Accounting modules. These modules were integrated to BFC's delivery and collection fleet app so that information can flow seamlessly. Once orders are placed, the invoicing and accounting systems will be updated, and confirmed orders will flow to the delivery and collection fleet app for driver instructions seamlessly.

Thirdly, we also architected BFC's customer facing app, so that customers can place their orders and repeat orders easily online, and businesses that contributed their biological wastes could make collection orders conveniently.

Finally, we also added data analytics and data visualization so that BFC's management can have a bird's eye dashboard view. Selected data was also made available to the customer facing app as well.

With this, we successfully architected an end-to-end digital transformation for BFC.

Lastly, just in case you were wondering, yes, such projects are eligible for the EDG Grant. You may find out more here:

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