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Celebrating the Official Launch of our Virtual Branding Arm

As part of our Software Consultancy work for the past 25 years, developing Software, Websites and Mobile Apps for our clients has always been just the beginning. Once a project is complete, the next step has always been to Brand the product so that it would be ready for the market.

In recent years, Virtual Branding has been a growing trend. Virtual Brands refer to fully online brands that companies create in order to establish their presence online. This is common for both online and offline companies. If a brand was already online, it is common for the creation of new and separate virtual brands in order to attract new customer segments. If a brand was still brick and mortar, it is inevitable to establish an online brand presence, whether with the existing brand, or a newly revamped virtual brand.

At NCODE, the Virtual Branding arm will work together with you to conceptualize, design and establish your online brand. The Virtual Branding arm will also work with our Grant Consultancy Arm to help you to get grant subsidies for this venture.

Check out the Official Website of our Virtual Branding arm here :

We wish the Virtual Brands team all the best.

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