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Do Pre-schools need Productivity Systems?

In general, we see pre-schools coming to us for the following top 3 projects.

(1) To digitalise teaching, learning and marking beyond the confinements of a physical space.

(2) To digitalise child development assessments and convey them to parents in a time sensitive manner.

(3) To explore new areas of growth and target a new customer segment via the digital space.

In general, all the above point to transformation to develop online teaching, learning and assessment capabilities so that distance will no longer be a barrier for pre-school operations.

Not only are pre-schools looking to manage and conduct their school administrative processes online, more and also looking to facilitate lessons online, such as the giving of instructions and homework, and the ability to receive the student submissions of such tasks via online platforms.

As pre-schools conduct student development assessments on a regular basis. These assessments are prepared and carried out manually, and are shared with parents periodically. There are challenges faced to manage so many child development records manually, and also find the time to communicate these time-sensitive records to busy parents in a regular basis. Furthermore, by going digital, pre-schools can expand their business to attract customers beyond their comfort zone.

Pre-schools will be happy to know that such initiatives (and not limited to just such), are eligible for the EDG Grant, up to 80% subsidy. If you are interested, you may find out more details here, or simply contact one of our friendly consultants today!

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