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Do Pre-schools need SEO?

We would like to welcome Discovery Kidz Preschool on board with us for our complete Web Design, Management, Maintenance and SEO all-in-one package.

With their recent change in management, Discovery Kidz Preschool has decided to do a revamp of their website to reflect the new corporate direction that the new owners have chosen. We are happy that they found us and have been pleased by the service of our Web Design team. This will be a marathon for both of us, as our team gears up to support Discovery Kidz Preschool with all their website needs from domain name, web hosting, web design, development, management and maintenance. With us around, the schools' management can focus on running the school, and have a peace of mind that their website needs are all taken care of.

But this is not the end yet. Having a website does not mean that customers will come flowing in. This is why our all-in-one package also includes SEO to help the websites to boost their digital presence. We hope that the school will enjoy working with our SEO delivery team, and we wish them a happy stay NCODE Consultant.

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