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EDG Case Studies - Managed Services IT Support

The managed services IT industry is a challenging yet rewarding industry to be in. As the world continues to boom in the direction of technology, such services will only become more and more popular. What does an IT Managed Services company do?

Take for example you are a company with 200 employees. This would mean that in your office, you would probably have 200 computers/laptops, and handful of printers, scanners, fax machines, servers, wifi routers, and any other IT hardware to maintain. Hiring your own in-house maintenance team may or may not be worth the extra cost and responsibility, so you may decide to outsource the management of all these to a professional company. This is where IT Managed Services companies come in. They will make sure that all your IT support issues are tended to, anti viruses are renewed, computers are repaired, and all your hardware worries are resolved.

Putting ourselves in the shoes of the Managed Services company, this responsibility can become pretty tedious. Just imagine having to look after 200 computers. Each of them may have a different purchase date, brand, model, specs, antivirus expiry dates, and a lot more details. All these details will be required to troubleshoot the issues when they arise, or to conduct preventive maintenance (eg to renew the antivirus before it expires).

How can technology automate the tracking and monitoring for IT Managed Services companies so that they can perform preventive and corrective maintenance services in an optimized manner?

Ultimately, such a system will help the IT Managed Services company tremendously with their productivity, and therefore will be eligible for the EDG Grant.

Wish to find out more? Contact us so that we can provide you with customized consultancy for your business needs.

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