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EDG Grant for ERP Systems

So your company wishes to adopt an ERP system and you are wondering whether this technology adoption can be subsidized by the EDG Grant? The answer is of course, Yes!

For small businesses with a budget of <$30,000, you should be able to find affordable ERP systems via the PSG Grant.

However, if you are looking to adopt more enterprise level ERP systems like Oracle Cloud or Microsoft Dynamics 365, then the EDG Grant will definitely be an option for you.

However do take note that not all the costs of the ERP system will be eligible for subsidy. Typically when adopting ERP systems, their costs will fall into 2 categories:

(a) License fees per user

(b) System Implementation Costs

ERP systems will typically charge you annually for the usage of their system, and this is charged on a per user basis. So if your company has 5 persons using the ERP system, then you will be charged 5 pax worth of user licenses each year. More often than not, the EDG Grant will avoid subsidizing you for these license fees as they are often considered as business costs.

However, another huge cost that you will face will be in the implementation of the ERP system. The ERP system that you want will not simply fall from the sky ready for you to use it. You would actually need to engage a vendor to configure and customize the ERP system to your needs, and then deploy it for you to use. The vendor will most likely also provide you and your staff with training on how to use the system. This implementation cost has a really good chance of being subsidized by the EDG Grant.

So there you have it! Looking to adopt ERP systems using the EDG grant anytime soon? Speak with any of our friendly consultants today!

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