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EDG Grant for Security Companies

We've recently seen a sharp trend in Security related companies applying for the EDG Grant. Security companies in Singapore usually involve companies that supply security personnel to various locations such as condominiums, malls, office buildings, and any other locations that require such security personnel. It is therefore an on-going challenge for such companies to track and monitor the performances of all their contracts and personnel when everyone is dispersed to their various locations.

We've thus seen a jump in Security companies looking to enhance their operational efficiencies using technology. One trend it towards the development of security operations management systems that come with mobile applications that security staff can make use of wherever they may be deployed. Technology helps to close the gap between the HQ of the security operations, and their dispersed operations.

Another trend is in the transition to smart operations rooms to improve command and control using technology. Such initiatives often involve the deployment of smart video surveillance technologies that can analyze live video feeds in order to detect threats, and many other aided technologies that can augment the capabilities of security staff on the ground.

Are you a security company and wish to find out more about how the EDG Grant can help you? Chat with one of our friendly EDG Grant consultants today.

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