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EDG Grant for Security Companies - Continued

Back in December 2020 I wrote our first article about some examples of how Security Companies can leverage on the EDG Grant.

This article will continue with some more examples. Lets go straight into them!

License Plate Recognition systems (LPRS). At high security locations, security guards are required to check on every vehicle that enters the premises in order to ensure that the vehicle is permitted to enter. This involves the guard having to exit the guard post to personally verify the license plate number of the vehicle, then physically checking it against the security database to ensure that this vehicle number is allowed to enter. Modern day LPRS will come with automated cameras and software with the capabilities to recognize car plate numbers and check with the database within a split second, all without having the security guard to leave his post. Talk about productivity!

Furthermore, these LPRS can also be integrated to the existing Visitor Management System to register the entry and leaving of the visitor. Should the vehicle be a new visitor that needs to be registered, the security guard will need to leave his post to take down the particulars of the driver. However, he can do so conveniently using the VMS's mobile application.

Lastly, this can be complemented by facial recognition Smart Access Control Systems that can not only recognize the vehicle's license plate number, but also the faces of the people in the car. Talk about technology!

However, the above solutions will consist of a combination of hardware and software programs. While the software portions may be eligible for the EDG Grant, the hardware portions are usually considered ineligible costs and will not be subsidized. You can still check the PSG Grant if they subsidize the hardware though, fingers crossed!

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