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EDG Grant for Security Companies - Part 3

In our 3rd edition of EDG Grant for Security Companies, we cover 3 more types of technology that can possibly be covered by the EDG Grant. If you wish to read up on our other Security related articles, simply type in "Security" into the search box at our Blog page!

(1) Incident Management Systems. Security operations on the ground can face a myriad of situations from maintenance to security related. From less serious cases like cameras breaking down, to more serious cases like fires, or theft. Depending on the types of cases, security operations will need to follow the required SOP to deal with the particular situation. However, there can be so many possible situations with different SOPs, that inexperienced guards may not know which SOPs to follow. Experience guards may know which SOP to follow, but remembering the steps for each SOP is also tricky. Therefore, Incident Management Systems exploit technology to help security operations on the ground to easily identify the type of situation via guided process, and then will recommend the correct SOP for the security operations to follow. At the same time, the system will also serve as the record for all the actions taken for all incidents.

(2) Virtual Patrols. Usually, security guards will perform physical patrols where they will walk around the premises. However, security guards cannot be patrolling 247, nor can they patrol every inch of the premises. Patrol routes are usually optimized to cover the most critical areas only. Virtual Patrols can be used to complement physical patrols. Virtual patrols are basically making use of CCTV camera feeds, and cycling the CCTV camera fees between a series of cameras around the premises. This will enable the security operations to "patrol" the premises via the CCTV feeds. Cool huh?

(3) Video Analytics and Surveillance software. Modern day video surveillance software are so powerful that it can recognize crimes, loitering faces, suspicious activities, and more. Considering the fact that the attention span of humans is limited, it is difficult to expect a human to stare at multiple CCTV fees simultaneously and be able to catch every detail. Therefore, smart video surveillance software can be installed in place to replace physical eyeballs. These software are so powerful and smart that they can monitor every CCTV feed in detail in real-time. Powerful!

the Video Surveillance software in (3) can also be integrated into Virtual Patrols in (2) and Incident Management Systems in (1). For example, the Virtual Patrols will be able to automatically detect situations, and raise an alert in the Incident Management System to take action.

Interesting in adopting such security modules? At NCODE, we have reliable security software companies who are experts in this area, and we can introduce them to you. Contact us today!

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