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EDG Power!

We would like to welcome on board Solution Details Pte Ltd as one of our partners that we hope to develop a long lasting relationship with. Solution Details is an IT Consultancy specializing in serving F&B clients. You my wonder, why would NCODE want to partner with another IT Consultancy? Aren't we competitors?

Well, Solution Detail's F&B clients are taking advantage of the lull period due to covid-19 to develop and gear up their company for the future. One major initiative is the adoption of productivity related technology to increase their efficiency. However, not all F&B outfits will have the monetary firepower to adopt such systems. Therefore, they required the aid of government grants.

Solution Details therefore works closely with our EDG Arm to help their F&B clients to apply for the EDG Grant. This will enable them to achieve up to 80% subsidy for their technology adoption.

So you see, who says that IT consultancies cannot collaborate and work together? With sincerity and complementary skillsets, we can come together to serve our customers and develop win win situations.

We look forward to working with Solution Details in the future.

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