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Encouragement for Startups!

At NCODE Consultant, we see a massive uptick in the amount of Startups that are coming to the market. It could be due to the fact that the new generation and more entrepreneurial, or perhaps COVID-19 has caused so much turmoil in the economy that people have to venture out on their own.

Nevertheless, we understand that all Startups have 2 things in common. Cashflow limitations, and Risk! Therefore, we have decided to do go further to make our Website Design, Maintenance and SEO All-in-One Package even more appealing to Startups.

If you are a Startup, we will add on an Achievements Based Payments scheme so that you only need to pay us when we achieve SEO results for you. Therefore, instead of the original $715 per month for 1 year of services ~$8,580 a year, we will re-structure the payments as follows:

Only $350 Upfront to kickstart the All-in-One package.

The remaining $8,230 will be set aside for the Achievements Based Payment scheme via the following achievement milestones:

When any relevant keyword is SEO to Page 5 of Google - $1,646

When any relevant keyword is SEO to Page 4 of Google - $1,646

When any relevant keyword is SEO to Page 3 of Google - $1,646

When any relevant keyword is SEO to Page 2 of Google - $1,646

When any relevant keyword is SEO to Page 1 of Google - $1,646

You will only pay for what achievements are met for the 1 year. If the achievements are not met, we will waive the balance for you for that year!

What does this mean? With just $350, we will kickstart our journey to help you to design, maintain, and rank your website. You risk is also minimized because you only have to pay us when you see your website ranked on the top pages of Google Search.

How much a better deal can this be? Contact us today to get started!

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