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Hotels Transformation during COVID

Due to COVID, the hospitality industry is having a tough time, especially hotels. We've come across a couple of hotels the past year that have approached us for consultancy on how to transform their business model during COVID, and some of the ideas include transforming their hotels into other types of entertainment like office spaces and even for LAN gaming! But regardless of what these hotels intended to transform their spaces into, there was one thing in common, and its that their current hotel booking systems could not cater to the new need.

While hotel booking systems are mostly catered for nightly stays, the new business model required the hotel's rooms and facilities to be booked and charged by the hour. Therefore, a very different kind of booking system was required. Furthermore, this new booking system needed to be integrated to the hotel's main room management system, for example, CloudBeds, so that the hotel continued to have a bird's eye view of which rooms were being used for nightly stays, and which rooms were being booked hourly.

Smart algorithms had to be factored in to make sure that hourly booked rooms were fully utilised before new rooms were allocated for hourly booking. Smart Scheduling systems had to be integrated so that room-keeping staff knew when to turnover rooms (this could happen any hour now!). Also, payment methods had to be changed as room bookings could now be done by the hour, and not day!

We can't divulge too much information here, but hourly booking systems are definitely a possible thing now. So if you are in need of one, make sure to chat with one of our friendly consultants today.

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