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How affordable can eCommerce sites be?

Unimaginably affordable.

Here is a case study of a common scenario that we often come across. A company has a corporate website that showcases the company’s product catalogue. However, customers can only view the catalogue, but are unable to make direct purchases online at the website. In order to keep up with the trend of online sales and to build digital capabilities for the long term, the company is therefore looking to implement an Online Ecommerce Store to sell its products online.

Typically, clients like these have been around for long time, even decades. They have been so established as brick and mortar stores all this while, and wish to now establish a presence in the online space. This is in hope of capturing the demographic of shoppers who love shopping online, thereby establishing an additional revenue stream. Furthermore, some companies face manpower crunches and rising costs in their brick and mortar operations, and are looking to online stores to optimize their capacities in manpower and operations.

With this in mind, companies now face the looming question of cost. How expensive is it to develop an ecommerce store for your business?

At NCODE, our ecommerce store promotions start from just $350 a month. Surprised that it can be so affordable? Yes! its so cheap that even grants will not want to cover this amount. Chat with us to find out more.

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