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How expensive or cheap can Booking Systems cost?

Many businesses large and small will require some form of booking system in their business operations. It could be the booking of meeting rooms, the booking of equipment, and even the booking of appointments with people. That being said, the cost of such booking systems can range from as cheap as 3 digit prices, to 5 or even 6 digit prices depending on their comprehensiveness.

It all depends on the complexity of the booking system. If you are a small business and simply need a basic booking system that can cater to the majority of your needs, you wouldn't need to splash your money at all. Simple booking systems available in the market can cost you as little as $100 a month, or some even less.

At NCODE, we do offer an affordable and cost-effective booking system for you to consider.

It comes with all the basic and highly required features of booking systems such as:

  • Let clients book rooms, resources, appointments or services

  • Option to allow customers to pay online

  • Host sessions online with Zoom to reach clients anywhere

  • Manage calendars, staff, attendance and clients

  • Offer services as a membership or package

  • Get analytics to track your booking system's performance

  • Comes with mobile app for you and your clients

We currently offer our cost-effective booking system as a package together with the design and maintenance of your business website, starting from $350 per month. This means that clients who come to your business website will be able to access your booking system conveniently.

For clients who may have more advanced requirements, we would first suggest you to use the cost-effective booking system first, and find ways to maximise its value. Only if it is confirmed that the basic booking system cannot fulfill your needs, then we can look into a more customized booking system to suit your business. For customized projects, the cost will definitely go up into the 5 digit range on average, however, it may be eligible for the EDG Grant of up to 80% subsidy for the cost of development.

Interested to have a discussion about booking systems with us? Contact one of our friendly IT Consultants today.

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