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Using the EDG Grant to create a Product

Another trending question that we always get for the EDG Grant is, "can I use the EDG Grant to develop a product that in order to sell it to others?" We specialise in the Innovation and Productivity pillar of the EDG. and our answer is "No", but, read till the end to see all that we have to say.

The EDG Grant is an innovation and productivity grant that can only be used if you wish to adopt software and technology for your own business. This means that the benefits that are derived from the development of the software must directly benefit your own business in an innovative or productive manner. For example, through the usage of the developed software by your own company staff, they must experience direct productivity benefits, thereby helping your company to become more efficient. In essence, the EDG Grant can only be used to develop software for your own company's use. It cannot be used to develop a software product to be sold to others. In no way is the EDG Grant a Start-Up Grant.

That being said, perhaps the software that you developed using the EDG Grant for your own company really demonstrated a lot of benefits. After a few years of using it, it really helped your company to grow, automated processes, and increased revenue. Your competitors begin to take notice of your software, and they too wish to adopt it in order to experience the same benefits. They approach you for advice on whether they can license the software from you for their own use. Can this be done? As far as we know, this will be possible as it is a totally separate issue from the EDG Grant at this point. The commitments to the EDG Grant would have already been fulfilled. You can therefore look at this consideration to license your software to the company that requested it as new business decision.

Do you require software development services and the EDG Grant at the same time? Contact us to find out more about how we can help.

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