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Video Surveillance and Machine Vision

Are Video Monitoring technology eligible for the EDG Grant? Yes of course. Whether you are a security company looking to adopt video surveillance software, or a manufacturing and precision engineering company looking to adopt machine vision technology to monitor your production line, such technology adoptions will be eligible for the EDG.

This is because such technology are considered to be productive and innovative. As we use machines to monitor security cameras and production lines instead of humans, the issue of human errors and limited human attention spans will be eliminated. Human resources can then be dedicated to other more productive tasks. Therefore, the EDG Grant will fund such technology.

However, it is important to note that embarking on such projects will require other types of equipment to be purchased as well. For example, you may require surveillance cameras to be purchased and installed on the ground. You may need to purchase monitor screens in the Ops Room for your staff to monitor the production line remotely, and you may need to set up various servers. Such hardware and equipment costs will not be supported by the EDG Grant.

Instead, only accompanying technology to the hardware like the surveillance software, and cloud related deployments may be supported. This being said, having some form of grant support is still better than nothing!

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