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We begin our journey with Liht Organics.

Liht Organics is a organic makeup company based in Singapore. Their online strategy is to establish an online presence in South East Asia and the UAE. For this, they currently have 2 x online stores, one online store for the SEA market, and another online store for the UAE market. They therefore wanted to embark on 2 SEO packages with NCODE, one for each website and target market.

After several consultations with our SEO Arm, we found that their main problem was the lack of data. They did not know what keywords people were using to find their website. And as a result, it was difficult for them to identify what keywords to begin SEO with. Therefore, we suggested them to embark on a data gathering journey first. We helped them to install Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track and gathering their website performance and data. We recommended that we spend some time to gather sufficient data first, before embarking on the SEO journey.

In the mean time, we also recommended them to embark on a Google Adwords campaign. This would help them to establish a digital presence immediately, during this period where the organic SEO has not begun yet. We would further play the role of managing the Google Adwords campaign for them, and optimizing it thoroughly to reduce their pay-per-click price as much as possible.

We look forward to developing a successful relationship with Liht Organics.


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