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Which is more expensive? Developing from scratch or adopting existing technology?

There is really no fixed answer to this question because the answer could be either. It all depends on the technology being adopted and their respective prices.

For some software, adopting them goes by user licenses. So, if you have 100 staff in your company, then having to pay for 100 user licenses every year could cost a bomb each year. Also for some software, they may come with a whole load of features that make it expensive, and you may only utilise <50% of the features if you were to purchase it, making it not worth it because you are not making full use of what you have paid for.

On the other hand, custom developing software may not be cheaper either. There are also many products out there that are cheap yet affordable. So how would you know which option to take?

My advice would be to share the circumstances with us, and we can explain the options to you. We will help you to look at your needs, and recommend to you the best solution according to your needs and budget. It could be to adopt existing technology and integrate them together, or it could be to custom develop the technology that suits your company's culture, or it could also be a combination of both.

You can trust us to do this assessment for you, so that you can focus on what you do best, which is to run your business.

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