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Perfect for the budget conscious, we make use of the WIX platform to deliver for you the most affordable yet beneficial ecommerce solution for your small business needs.


This is a space for us to share with you more about our Ecommerce Consultancy services.


Creating your online store has never been so easy and affordable.

Looking to start an online business? We can deliver for you the most affordable yet complete solution for you using WIX. Enjoyed by successful brands retailing up to millions in revenue, WIX's industry-leading eCommerce platform comes with advanced business solutions that can enable you to launch, run and grow your online business affordably and easily.



From signing up, to selecting the right templates, to customizing and designing your online store, we handhold you through the entire process until your store is live. Be it adding products to your online store, connecting to payment providers, setting up shipping needs, to choosing a custom domain name, we have it all covered for you. Let us do the work for you while you can focus on what you do best, running your business and selling.

Building a brand is often overlooked by business owners. Entrepreneurs often lack the ability to envision their brands and now they want it to be portrayed. Be it coming up with a logo concept or even a business name, let our brands consultancy team help you every step of the way.

Our solution team covers every detail, from customizing the look and feel of your storefront, all the way to the checkout process. Be in product pages, shopping carts or members areas, we deliver the best ecommerce solutions according to your needs.

Beyond just online store management, we go further to help you with product management and inventory or source management from suppliers. Feel great when we finish setting up your online store by allowing it to receive secured payments online. Be it through WIX payments or other available online payment gateways, rest assure that your ecommerce store will be able to accept all major credit cards, PayPal and even Stripe!



Our motivation is not just to deliver to you an online store, but also to offer to you the various ecommerce strategies and options that you may want to consider. The goal will be to enable you to provide the ultimate online shopping experience to your customers. From the customization of check out carts, and the adding of conversion encouraging features such as Adding to Wishlist, Buy Now, and Add to Cart features, to the design and optimization of your online store on mobile that will allow your customers to shop with you from anywhere.

Through connecting your online store to Facebook and Instagram, we can expose your business to social media platforms and channels that your customers use every day. The encouragement is to sell globally rather than locally, with accompanying features like Multilingual languages for the optimization and translation of sites, local subdomains, and SEO efforts that will enable your local business to enter international markets. Fret not about international currencies, for we have currency converters so that you can display your prices in local currencies for your customers around the world.

Furthermore, if you thought that your ecommerce store would only be limited to physical products, think again! From services to courses, you can also sell to your customers in the form of Product Subscriptions. This will transform your business model into a recurring revenue model rather than one-time payments, further giving you the option to build customer loyalty and allow your shoppers to look forward to your services updates regularly, whether weekly or monthly. 



A single and powerful dashboard will empower you to have a birds eye view of your operations and business. For order fulfillment and management, you can track and process all your store orders from the single dashboard, together with the handling of shipping and fulfillment. The dashboard will also provide you with details about your business transactions so that you can manage all your online payments, refunds and payouts conveniently. Accompanying the dashboard will also be integrated analytics data that can provide you with detailed business insights and reports about your ecommerce store, allowing you to review your sales success and marketing efforts.

Lastly, you will also be able to manage your dashboard and online store via the mobile app, such as adding new products, tracking your inventory, fulfilling or canceling orders, printing packing slips, sending invoices and more.



Creating your online store has never been so easy and affordable.

Having a great website doesn't meant that you can be found online. In order to be found, you will need a sound marketing strategy. We have the tools to support you in this endeavor, beginning with driving traffic to your online store from search engines like Google. This can range from organic SEO, to Google Advertisements that function in a pay-per-click manner. Our tools also extend to helping you to market and advertise your products on Facebook and Instagram.

Wish to go further? Email marketing tools will enable you to do email blasting to your clientele, and video making tools can help you to make your own promotional videos in an affordable manner. 



If you also have a physical storefront, you can integrate and streamline your brick and mortar and online operations by unifying on a single unified Point of Sales (POS) solution. This way, you can review and manage all your sales, payments, inventory and more on a single platform without double efforts. 

However, this option is only available to customers in the US for now.



A complete CRM solution will help you to capture leads, convert them, and build lasting relationships with customers.

CRM begins on your website, where elements of lead capturing are smartly incorporated. Contact US forms make it easy for customers to get in touch, providing visitors with a quick and easy way to ask questions, request more information, or give feedback. Strategically placed lead capturing tools can also invite visitors to subscribe to your mailing list via a form on your site. Furthermore, you do not need to tend to every customer query, as automation allows the triggering of automatic responses to customers, such as sending then confirmation and thank you emails should they fill up the contact us form. Most importantly, all customer information received will be stored and organized for easy management of your client database and the creation of mailing lists for email marketing efforts.

Not satisfied with just forms and emails? Live Chats will take your customer service to the next level, enabling you to engage your customers via instant answers and close deals in real time. Live Chats are simple. Chat pop-ups on your site will greet customers the moment that they visit the website. You will be able to chat with them on screen and engage them in 1 on 1 conversations to provide them with the attention that they need. If you are not around, no worries! Pre-chat forms will help you to collect the information when you are away. For convenience, you will be able to manage all the conversations and messages from one single dashboard, via web or mobile.

Lastly, reach out to your customer database with beautiful email marketing campaigns and professional videos that showcase your products and services. Create social posts that can be shared on social media like Facebook and Instagram, or explore our other branding and digital marketing initiatives to expand your customer base.



Create price quotes for your products and services and send them to your customers. Once the quotes are accepted, it will automatically turn into a payment request. Generate invoices to be sent to clients for payment. Track every transaction from a single dashboard. If you have to collect recurring payments regularly, fret not, recurring payment plans features are available. For faster transaction speed, make use of Payment Forms to make your sales process more efficient. Collect the required payment information, and let Customers make payment directly via the form.

And if all the above are still not fast enough for you, then get paid instantly via chat. Upgrade your Live Chat with a payment request feature. Customers will be able to pay instantly, or receive an email notification to make payment.

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